-Fast, Easy, Efficient
-Virtually all Row Crops
-Practically No Thinning
-Reduce Seed Waste
-Perfect Spacing

If The Seed Fits... Plant It!




Teona Bender -"The easy seeder takes the guesswork out of proper spacing of planting seeds. It was a great learning tool for my 9 yr old son to train him how to space seeds."

Charlleen Craig - "Very easy to use, fits nicely in flower beds and gardens. also fits in planter boxes. makes planting seeds much easier. I would recomend this product to everyone especialy if you have a big garden. I took it to my sisters house, she loved it. It took her less time to do her garden then it usualy does. Now she wants to buy one."

Katherine Tucker - "I had no idea a product like this existed. I regularly plant seeds in my garden too close together and this product helped space the plants out to the correct spacing! It was fabulous."

Trudy Spangler - "Fast and easy to plant seeds. Seeds spaced uniformly. Very little of the seedlings had to be transplanted or removed."

Brian Barnett - "I love the Easy Seeder! Not only amazing in my garden, but also in my greehouse. I plant all winter with perfect rows and excellent spacing. When I do my starts, such as tomatoes, in small containers I use the Easy Seeder to drop the seeds right in the middle. I hold the seeder over the spot where I want the seed to fall and like magic through the seed hole falls the perfect number of seeds and exactly where I want them! Quick and easy! "

Kay Carnes - "The Easy Seeder worked very well. I tried it on several different sized seeds. It seemed to work better on larger seeds. With the smaller seeds, more than one seed would go through a single hole. That said, it was still easier to thin plants out and they were spaced correctly."

Sharon Meadows - "Overall, I liked the easy way to plant seeds in precise rows without measuring. They were easy to use and don't take up too much space. My neighbor borrowed mine to plant his small backyard veggie garden."

Nita Shah - "I used the seeder to sow carrot seeds. They came out in a straight line and spaced evenly. The seedlings grow neat in straight rows."

Cynthia D Winston - "I really love this product. It is so easy to use and you really can't go wrong with it."

Roberta Dowling - "It makes planting seeds of all sizes very easy. There is no waste of small seeds by having to thin them out when they come up, every seed is planted at a perfect distance. Very easy to use. I love it!"

Pegg Wiederwohl - "This is a great product/idea for making straight lines and this way you do not have to dig up and separate the plants once they start growing."

Renette Armstrong - "This product was very easy to use. Produced a very even, straight line of plants. Will continue to use with success I am sure."

Kimberley Meek - "This is so easy a child could use it."

Elaine Lagerblade - "I was excited about this product because we had my grandsons that wanted to help plant the garden. It was a great way to introduce them to the art of planting rows and proper seed distance. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who gardens beginners as well as advanced! The kids loved it! My daughter & son-in-law thought these were great! They made a good reference tool they could use for the seed type on the back. They really helped for the garden newbies."

Amy Ewers - "I would recommend this product because you do not waste seed's!!!!! My husband love's it. Before we used stick and twine. I would like to get one for my sister."

Marjorie Shafer - "I now live in a retirement home with mainly disabled or edlerly people. Master Gardeners built us a square foot garden box. They came to us with seeds. We were all given different seeds to plant. I was given peanuts because I was the only one there who had ever raised peanuts. A fun crop. The residents enjoyed the planting experience and the Master Gardeners loved the Easy Seeder. I gave it to them to use at other retireent homes and they will use it again when they come here. A very good product and very easy to use."

Donna Klein - "The spacing of my green beans and other vegetables is almost perfect, unlike previous years when I didn't use this product. It is easy to use and I am happy w/ the results as my plants are now growing."

Carlton Williams - "It was easy to use and worked great for planting the gardening by seeds."

Fran Barber - "Good for kids in garden."

Mary Jo Kraus - "Because I don't do a very good job of thinning, the uniform spacing this provides is an excellent feature."

Tom Aguilera - "I would recommend this product to anyone that plants a big garden because it is easy to use, great for bigger seeds but works for smaller ones too. Easy to make a straight row and have the right depth."

Pam Wright - "Using the "Easy Seeder" means less thinning, so our production should be doubled – or more!"

Jane Hess - "I found this product very easy to use. No directions needed."

Elizabeth Jean Strickland - "I like the depth of planting options. I also like that it spaces the seeds for the right distance between seeds."

Rebecca Ashley - "It made planting seeds go much more quickly. This is probably the first time my seeds have been spaced correctly!"

Sharon Nieto - "Every year I love to plant seeds from sunflowers to annuals to perk the yard up and also in the garden for fresh veggies. This year using the easy seeder it made everything so much easier. All I had to do was dig my holes and the easy seeder spread the seeds evenly in every one.I would reccomend this for everyone from starter to expert. My family loved it, my husband watched me plant my seeds and he couldn't believe how easy it was to use."

Suzanne Wells - "I recommend the easy seeder for the ease of use. Keeping your seeds in a straight line."

Tom Hunt - "I would recommend this because it makes planting seeds at the correct spacing automatic. There is also much less bending over which is good for elderly growers."

Adella M Eidsmoe - "Easy Seeder is just what the name implies. It was easy to use and seed spacing for various size seeds was so much better than doing by hand."

Rebecca Griffin - "This product makes it so easy to do my gardening. It makes my gardening look very professional."

Christine Pinkston - "The easy seeder was very easy to use and it spaced out the seeds nicely."

Diane Lowe - " Makes planting and spacing issues a breeze. I Would highly recommend to anyone who plants small gardens."

Maryann Unangst - "Very easy to use."

Sharon Ditton - "The best feature of this item is the ability to space seeds properly without using a yardstick."

Dee Dee Walton - "I recommend this product because spacing seeds has always been frustrating and this product made it so easy and accurate. My family loved it and I can't wait to use it again next year and share pics with facebook."

Delane Finke - "Good hole spacing and excellent sturdiness. Prevented the dropping of multiple seeds and poor spacing especially for smaller seeds."

Cheryl Novack -Very handy tool for planting seeds at the proper spacing."

Jamie Kreller - "Product was easy to use. Saved me time when sowing seed. My lines of plants were straight."

Jo Hammen - "I recommend it; I love it! It was so handy. My beans are coming up already."

Stacy Wagner - "The Easy Seeder made planting seeds so much easier. No more guessing where to put the next seed and everything remained in nice straight rows."

Lynda L. Homorody - "It's about time someone came up with an idea for planting seeds without losing half of them on the way to the ground. I no longer have to carry a yard stick with me."

J.D. - "While I enjoy gardening, my wife is concerned about the appearance of my garden. The Easy Seeder solves one of her chief complaints…crooked and clumpy rows. With the easy seeder, my rows are straight and evenly spaced. It also makes my thinning easy and the yield of my garden more predictable and consistent."



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Fast, Easy, Efficient

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Fast, Easy, Efficient

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No more wasting seeds

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